Retail Store Pickup


Our online ordering for pick up at our retail store (located at 6490 E. Ross Rd. New Carlisle, OH) is now closed. To place an order, you may email ( or call us at 937-845-9466.  Thank you.

Uncooked Products:
Fresh Whole Turkey ($3.39/lb retail) sizes: 10-27+ lbs offered in 2 lb. size increments
Fresh Bone-In Turkey Breast ($6.19/lb retail) sizes: 4-6, 7-8, 9+ lbs.
Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast Roast ($6.29/lb retail) sizes: 4-7, 8-10 lbs.
Fresh Boneless Turkey Roast (light and dark meat) ($5.79/lb retail) sizes: 4-6, 7-8, 9+ lbs.

Cooked Products:

Whole Smoked Turkey ($5.59/lb Reg. retail) size: 10-13 lbs.
Smoked Bone-In Turkey Breast ($7.59/lb retail) size: 6-9 lbs.
Spiral Sliced Smoked Bone-In Turkey Breast ($8.99/lb) size: 6-9 lbs.
Spiral Sliced/Glazed Smoked Bone-In Turkey Breast ($9.49/lb) size: 6-9 lbs.
Cooked Boneless Turkey Breast Roast ($7.89/lb) size: 8-10 lbs.
Cooked Boneless Turkey Roast (light and dark meat) ($6.79/lb.) size: 8-10 lbs.
Dorothy Lane Market’s Heavenly Ham ($6.99/lb retail) sizes: half (6-9lbs.) and whole (14-18lbs). – available for holidays only

We also offer Turkey Broth ($3.69/26 0z can) and Turkey Gravy ($4.99/16 oz box) to supplement your meal!