Customer Reviews

Loyal Customers Reviews

“Once you have a B&L, you”ll never want another turkey from anyone else again!”  Patrick from Kettering, Ohio – December 2013

“Our Thanksgiving turkey was absolutely fantastic!”  Donna from Vandalia, Ohio – December 2013

“They are delicious! We enjoy your turkey every year.”  Steve from Kettering, Ohio – November 2013

“Exceptional quality, flavorful, money well-spent is how I describe your turkeys.”  Sharon from Rogers, Arkansas – November 2013

“I want to thank you for such a great product. My daughter and I are very picky when it comes to additives, gluten, fillers, etc. in our meats. Yours was the best-tasting sausage we’ve ever eaten.”  Jan Ault from Miamisburg, Ohio – June 2013

“The best turkey in the whole world!”  Mike & Angela from New Carlisle, Ohio – December 2012

“I have been coming to your store for the past 10-15 years and will continue coming! You have the best products ever!”  Jim from Riverside, Ohio – Thanksgiving 2012

“Bowman & Landes has the highest quality turkeys and makes our Thanksgiving dinner awesome!”  Brian from Vandalia, Ohio – November 2012

“This is the best dog-gone thing I have ever had in my life!” (Smoked spiral-sliced, glazed turkey breast)  Dusty from Vandalia, Ohio – April, 2012

“I have ordered a Bowman and Landes turkey every year for 20 years. Everyone loves the B&L turkeys!”  Rose from Dayton, Ohio – Dec. 2011

“Bowman and Landes turkeys make Butterball taste like McDonald’s. They are fantastic!”  Julie from North Benton, Ohio – Dec. 2011

“They are excellent, very clean and taste like a turkey should!”  Barb Schneider from Ohio

There’s nothing like a B&L turkey! They’re the best!”  Judith from Naples, Florida

“Our 20lb. turkey was amazing and very juicy. It received rave reviews!” Gracie from Houston, Texas – Thanksgiving 2011


Free-Range Turkeys, Happy Farmworkers

Article posted by Carolina Fojo, East Coast Fellow for Bon Appétit Management Company.

“An animal rights activist I know once told me that there is a correlation between how a farm treats its animals and how it treats its workers.  “After all,” he said, “if a farm is exploiting and abusing its workers, then they’re probably not treating their animals with respect either. And the opposite is also true—if they’re taking the time to make sure their animals live good lives, they’re probably looking out for their workers as well.”

Well, I don’t know if this rule holds true across the board or not, but it certainly seems to be the case for Bowman & Landes Free Range Turkey Farm in New Carlisle, OH. Recently I drove through two hours of snowy Ohio scenery to meet up with the folks at Bowman & Landes, who gave me the grand tour of their turkey farm. And what did I learn? Things like: playtime is important—for all species! Apparently the turkeys love nothing more than running through the cornfields exploring and pecking at whatever hits the ground. And the employees who work on the farm have had their playtime too—a giant corn hole tournament that involved everyone on the farm, as well as a “pavo” tournament (it’s the same as “horse” in basketball, except that pavo means “turkey” in Spanish).

On the farmworker end, even simple, daily things like providing free cookies and coffee during breaks seems to do the farm well; the farm has around a 70% retention rate for seasonal workers (people returning each year to the farm)! When I asked one of the farmers why he thought their retention rate was so good, he said, “It may be simple, but I just try to live by the golden rule.” Well, I guess it’s working!

Special thanks to everyone at Bowman and Landes, especially Steve & Anita, for showing me around!”


one suprised boyOne surprised little boy!

Dear Bowman & Landes Farm,

I am sending you a couple of pictures of my son.  As you can see, he was amazed to see such a big turkey on Thanksgiving day.  I thought you might like to see how much we enjoy your turkeys and that it is the biggest and best turkey we have ever had.  We purchased this one from Dorothy Lane in Springboro.  When I was a young girl, I recall my parents coming to the farm to get a fresh turkey.  In fact, it would still be warm!

Thank you for having such a great farm and for your years of dedication to pleasing your customers.

J.S. of Springboro, OH.

“For almost 70 years my dad was a meat cutter. When he went to work at Lofino’s, we started eating your turkeys for Thanksgiving. Even though my dad is gone now, we still find a Kroger that will order us a turkey every year. You have the best tasting turkeys around.” – Sue B.


And More Reviews!

“I just wanted to send this note to let you know that we had the turkey roast for Thanksgiving. The meat was absolutely wonderful! I tried the brining recipe as well and that was truly a success.  Thank you so much for making our experience (the first) of an open range turkey. We will be back to purchase again.” – Leatha

“Just wanted you to know that this Thanksgiving we purchased a fresh Bowman & Landes turkey from the Rainbow Blossom, in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was the best turkey we have ever had.  We have been buying fresh free range turkeys for a number of years now… and it stood apart as superior to every one we have had in the past. Thanks for adding to our delicious Thanksgiving banquet!” -Dean P.

“I have really been trying to eat better and I tried your ground turkey patties because I thought they would be easy to throw on the grill for a few minutes. I absolutely loved them! They were much better than any other brand of turkey patties I have had. It was a quick and delicious dinner item. I have already recommended them to one of my co-workers and since I live in Cincinnati I will probably make a trip to your store to get more items.” Jenny