About Our Farm

Our family farm has been raising free range turkeys for the last 4 generations.

Turkeys have been raised on the Bowman & Landes turkey farm since 1948. We are excited to be in our fourth generation, with three generations actively involved.

The original mission to produce the highest quality free range turkeys using the most natural home grown grains has not changed and continues to drive our organization. Our commitment to quality and excellence includes the grain we grow, the turkeys we produce, and the customers we serve.

How our turkeys are raised

Nutrition is very important in producing the highest quality turkey possible. Our turkeys are raised free range on our pasture land without any antibiotics ever.  The turkeys are fed a vegetarian diet without any animal by-products.

We grow corn, soybean, wheat and consider ourselves to be good stewards of the land. Where possible, we use turkey manure to fertilize our fields. No till and minimum tillage practices are used in order to save our precious soil. We harvest and dry our own grain and store it on our farm. Our natural grains, consisting of corn and soybeans are mixed on the farm and fed fresh to the turkeys.

Baby turkeys, called poults, are started in our climate controlled barns. As the turkeys mature, they are moved to an outdoor range where they are provided with feeders, water, and shelters. Heavy duty fencing is used for their protection from predators. Turkeys thrive on the open range, where they have plenty of room to roam in the fresh air and sunshine.

Once the turkeys are fully grown, to limit their stress, they are walked in to our U.S.D.A inspected harvesting plant. Each turkey is carefully reviewed by a U.S.D.A government inspector to help ensure a wholesome product. Our unique growing, feeding and processing program enables Bowman & Landes turkeys to have a natural tenderness, which results in shorter cooking times and excellent flavor.

Bowman & Landes offers fresh whole turkeys and turkey products during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. Bowman and Landes produces and distributes a full lineup of raw, cooked and smoked turkey products throughout the year which can be found in many quality food service establishments and retail stores throughout Ohio and the region. One can also find many of our delicious turkey products in our retail store located on our farm.

After many years of producing turkeys fit for the gourmet, we can honestly say “We’re not getting older, we’re getting better!”